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Monday, February 2, 2015

Branches and Districts are Growing...

Hello Family,

Things have been good here this week and all has been going well!!  This week was better than last week because it was a normal week of missionary work rather than all the meetings like we had last week!!  We have had some great lessons and it was pretty cool!!  We are preparing somebody for baptism so it is pretty cool. I hope that she will make it to baptism and she will be a strong member of the church!!  Also this week has been fun because my comp is starting to get ready to go so we have been running around getting things for his trip home!!  It feels weird to see someone going home that is for sure but still pretty cool!!  There have been new things introduced to the branch to get it going and help it grow faster so it should be interesting to see how things play out!!  The branch is growing and we are in the process of looking for a different meeting house to meet in because the congregation is too big for the current one!!

Also this coming week we are splitting the current district into two so we will have a whole new district presidency here and some different branches to go in them!!  This will also be an interesting meeting!!  We are also in charge this Saturday of training all the leadership in the branch which is kind of weird considering we are 19-20 year olds teaching all these adults how to do their roles in the branch!!  I hope this will go well!!  Transfers are coming up though in the next week I think so we will see what happens here!!  There are three Zone leaders leaving and a 4th probably getting released so I could get moved into one of those positions!!  Possibly!!  If this is the case I won’t be in the same area anymore so we will see and I will let you know!!  Dad I also need you to look into making sure the international driver’s license is still valid so that I can use that here if it isn’t can you get me the updated one as soon and as quick as possible!!  

It sounds like everyone had a fun weekend there though with all the parties and sporting events!!  It is too bad that i was not able to come to the super bowl party I always like having those!!  Also I am sorry to all the loss that happened with the bball hopefully things start to look better this week!!  I heard that Kaden and Caleb are scoring a lot of points in their games, that is awesome they are going to be very good when they get older!!  It will be fun to watch them play later on!!  I am glad the patriots were able to beat the Seahawks though they sure didn’t need to win twice in a row but it is the only time that I will vote for the Patriots to win!!  

It is also cool that you all got to see and be that close to an apostle!!  I have been able to do that before to and the spirit they carry with them is very strong which is cool!!  I have also now had the opportunity to shake two different apostle’s hands now only 13 more to go haha!!  Any way things have been good and going well!!  Have a good week to everybody and I will get on later to put pics on and to get some other things from it!!  Also I am looking for the recipe to the nice peanut butter bars that people in the welling family always bring to parties and the Eskimo cookie recipe if someone could get that and send it back to me that would be awesome that way when i get on a little later i can get those and make them this week!! Love you all !!

Elder Welling 

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