Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Things are going Well...

Hello Family,

Well this week has been pretty good and things have been going well and things for us!!!  Although I am pretty sad about this past week because my companion is being transferred and this one was one of the best comps I have had!!!  He has been transferred about another hour away and it is crazy to think he is leaving already!!!  I am not sure what is going on though because I am getting an old companion Elder Mukisa again so we will see what happens!!!  This transfer was just a little one the big one is in two weeks!!!!  Oh and starting tomorrow I am no longer the District Leader I have been released from that calling!!!  So it has been weird and crazy this week!!!  There was also another elder that was transferred again just after 4 weeks so it was weird!!!  

Although the elder that is staying has become a really good friend to me and things so it is really fun to be here and to talk with him!!!  He is from New Mexico and is half Navajo think I already mentioned this before but he is cool!!!  Anyway we will see what the big transfer brings and what types of things president is going down with and what he is thinking!!  He is a very hard man to predict that is for sure hahaha!!!  I also was able to play bball with the guys here again it was way fun and I am enjoying playing with these guys down here haha  they didnt think I could dunk but uh they thought differently after a couple of games hahaha!!!  

There are not many pics this week and the internet is not working too well right now so I will have to send more next week!!!  After I get some more with my comp before he leaves tomorrow!!!  Other than these things there have not been a lot of other things going on!!!   We are doing our best to get a lot of progressing investigators and things so we will see how many of them we can get to baptism!!!  Hopefully all of them!!!  The branch is getting bigger and bigger and new faces coming all the time!!!  It is nice to see all of them coming!!!

That is really funny though Nathan and the man beard hopefully things work out for him and all!!!  haha The shaving thing sound funny and hopefully it is the last time he will have to shave for a while haha!!  I am not sure but I am also wondering if those books that I had asked for are on the way so that I can start them and things that would be awesome!!!  Anyway I hope that all will have a good week and that you all will stay busy!  Good luck with the production and all the ward things going on!!!  Tell Dave congrats and things for me!!!  Love you all!!!

Elder Welling

Monday, April 20, 2015

Everything is Progressing....

Hello Family!!!

Things are going good here and we had a pretty good week here!!!!  First off I had fun because I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with a Zone leader and be in an air conditioned truck so it was pretty awesome!!!  I enjoyed it more than the sun making me drip sweat and things from all over!!!  The shirt stays cleaner too!!!  I also this week was able to go play some basketball on Saturday with some people that we had met during the week!!!  It turns out that they are on the school sports team and enjoy having me come play with them!!!  It was fun because one of the games that we were playing I scored 5 threes in a row and it was pretty awesome!!!!  Also there are many awesome investigators and things that we have been seeing and things so it was pretty nice to be able to see some of them start to accept the Gospel in their lives!!!!  The companion is doing well and is enjoying the missionary work and he really loves the camera, you never see him not playing with it and things like that!!!

I do not have any pics this week, haven’t taken any but hopefully I will be getting pics this next week when we go and do all the fun things we planned for!!!  The District is doing well and things are going well with them!!!  We had a problem this past week with one of them because he didn’t agree with what was going on so we had to take care of that but it is all good now and things are just fine!!!!  I am hoping that we will be able to get this family that we are working on to baptism they are an awesome family and they understand and know that the message is true!!!  The father is a pastor in his church not the main one but one of them and the wife doesn’t work!!!  When we were nearing the end of the first lesson with them the wife turned and asked her husband “when can we have them come back again"  It was pretty awesome to hear that because of the spirit!!!!  

The recent converts that we have baptized are really awesome and they are doing well they want to serve a mission and are making preparations!!!  I am hoping within the next couple of weeks we can get them a priesthood ordination which will help them continue to progress!!!  The branch is continuing to grow and get bigger and the meeting house seems like it is getting smaller and smaller!!!  I am hoping that we will be able to get a bigger meeting arrangement here soon that will be really nice!!!  There are transfers that will be coming up here in the next couple of weeks and we will see what happens with everything it will be interesting!!!!  Anyway it sounds like there is a lot going on there in the land of the US and that is exciting, good luck with all of those things that will be happening this week!!!!  Have a good week to all and I love you all!!!!

Elder Welling

Monday, April 13, 2015

More Baptisms and Pigs Feet....

Hello Family!!

Things are going really well this week and things have been fun I will get some of the pics to you so that they can be put up!!!  This week has been fun and interesting for sure!!!  We have had a lot of interesting things happen!!!  Well first off the baptism was good and we had two confirmations this week I baptized both of them and confirmed one of them it was pretty awesome!!!  The taller one is the one i confirmed!!!  It was a pretty good week and I have enjoyed it!!!!  The companion is doing well and is getting better and will be ready to do things on his own by the end of the training!!!  He was really happy when he was able to get a camera!!!  So it was nice to be able to see that!!  He never sets it down now!!!  Then after that we are getting ready for the baptisms to be upcoming in the coming weeks!!!  

We went and had dinner at the Branch Presidents house this week and it was a really interesting meal for sure!!!  First the branch president turns to me and says "Elder Do you eat pork"?   At first I said of course I do I love meat!!!  Well, what came next was a bit surprising it was not the meat at all, it was the feet of the pigs!!!  Boiled in the soup!!!  It was really weird texture and the inside of the hoof was rubbery but it ran down the throat as if it were slime I about threw up but finished it luckily!!!  I can tell you that I will eat anything you put in front of me but I will say that this meal is the one thing that is going to stop me.  I did not like this one!!!!  hahaha  I hope next time they ask if I like pork that it is the meat part of it and not the hoof!!!!  

The new elders in the flatte are good and are doing well here, I think they are enjoying!!!  They are good missionaries and are getting the work done in the area that they are supposed to!!! The Zone is good as well as the district and things so I am not too worried about anything right now but we will see!!!!  Anyway about the malaria thing, I don’t sleep in a bug net as of now and probably won’t but I have been taking the malaria pills like they are candy!!!  So i am pretty sure that will keep it from getting me on my mission!!!  Plus I put the fan on high position and make it blow on my face all night so the mosquitos can’t fly through it!!!!  Also the net is bothering me because it only fits the bed and I am a little longer than the bed!!!  I think I should be ok though we will see!!!  But no worries on the malaria pill it is being taken religiously all the time!!!!  

It is good now because the cold season is setting in and I am excited for it.  I am tired of the heat and ready for it to be cool all the time here!!!!  People are starting to bring back the heavy coats and things and it is really funny to think how they would feel if they were placed in Evanston for a while!!!  hahaha  Other than this, things are going pretty well here so there is not much more to tell!!!  Have a good week to all though and Love to all!!!!!!

Elder Welling

 Elder Maele
 Elder Welling, Mike Macubelo, Ramone Kasonde, Elder Maele

 Elder Welling, Mike Macubelo, Ramone Kasonde, Elder Maele

 Mike Macubelo and Ramone Kasonde

Monday, April 6, 2015

Two More Baptisms and A Happy Birthday...

Hey Family

This week has been really good and things have been going well!!!  These past four weeks have been fun because people are progressing to baptism and joining the Fold of God!!!  We had the 77 year old man confirmed yesterday and it was cool for it to be on Easter Sunday!!!  Don’t ask me his first name, I can’t pronounce it or spell it haha The man you saw in his photo is the one baptizing him, not the son!!  He is the husband to the women who was baptized a couple of weeks ago!!  We also baptized two more boys yesterday as well which was really awesome and really exciting!!!  They are twenty years old and very awesome they want to serve missions as well which is cool!!  Their names are Mike and Ramon I will get pic but the internet in this ghetto cafe is really bad so I will get them next week!!!  

Special Happy Birthday wish To Grandpa Welling I forgot the email address but it is ok.  Hey Grandpa thanks for all the fun times that we have had together and all the laughs we shared!!  They will be ones that I never forget!!  I hope that you have a great Birthday and a great day tomorrow!!!  You are a great example to me and always have been I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you, but all is well and things will be good!!  Love you Grandpa!!

The two new Elders that have moved into the flatte are awesome one is from New Mexico and the other from Congo they are cool guys!!!  Elder Daniels from the states is half black and half native American from the Navajo tribe, he is cool!!  I am enjoying them and getting along just nicely!!!  The week has been good though Easter Sunday was good didn’t really do much for it but still good!!!  I wish I could have been there for the ribs that dad made but I hope they will be made when I get home!!!  

The District is doing well and it is progressing and getting better!!  I hope though that all of you will have a great week and a great Monday and Especially a great Tuesday for Grandpa Love all of you!!!!!

Elder Welling