Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Still Doing Well and Baptizing...

Hello Family,
Things are going pretty good this week and things have gone well for me this week as well!!!  I was excited for this week because we had two more baptisms that have happened and it is pretty awesome!!!  I think we are now on 9 but I can’t remember it is pretty awesome all of them though!!!!  We are still doing our best to get others as well and help them to progress and thing towards baptism!!!!  All things have been going well and we are still working pretty hard in trying our best to fulfill all the appointments and the people that we have to see here!!!  I am enjoying it and the branch is getting better each time and the branch president is finally starting to get the hang of things here!!!  There are still many problems but they will be fixed one at a time!!!  Me and the comp are doing well and having a good time together and things!!!  I am hoping it will continue I have heard a rumor that I may be transferred to Blantyre but I am not so sure when that might be happening!!!  Other than this the week went something like this!!!
We played soccer on Saturday which is always fun to do we ended up winning so I enjoyed a lot!!!  We are still continuing to do well and continuing to play!!!  We also are planning for some more baptisms this coming week if I am not being transferred.  2 more within the next 2 weeks to 3 So it will be going good and things like that!!!  I am sorry to hear about the coaches I really enjoyed Roy as the head coach and I can say with him and Fessler no longer there the standards and the high expectation that was there will never be there again!!!  The reason why the team has been so successful is because of those coaches and the prior knowledge they had of playing there when they were in the program!!!  I know that the bball program will now suffer there and it won’t be the same!!  Those high standards is what pushed the kids to perform at a high level hence making them able to face big 4a schools in times of hard ships but we will see!!!  It is too bad to hear about that!!! 
I hope Nathan will be ok with that and it won’t affect him at all!!!   Anyway other than these things it sounds like the week was good with Elder Oaks there!!!  He is right about the dreams for sure and for sure I have had them so that is pretty cool and things to hear!!  I hope things will be going good here in the future and that all will be there at home and things will be going good here as they always are from time to time!!!!  Have a good week and love you all!!!!!

Elder Welling

Monday, August 24, 2015

Everything is Going Great.....

Hello Family,
Things are going pretty good this week and all is well here in the mission field!!!  It is pretty crazy how fast time is moving and things are progressing!!!  Transfers are coming up in the next two weeks people are going home and so there will be a huge move for sure around the mission and things and I am pretty sure me and the comp will be separated!!!  It will be good though we have been together for some time now but it will also be good to be his companion for more time!!!  We have heard rumors though that we are transferred so we will see!!!  We did a lot of teaching this week and things which was good to do and we have a lot more time now that the time has been changed we now walk till 9 pm at night so we get a lot more teaching done!!!  We also had a confirmation this week and things which were awesome and we hope that he will remain strong in the church as time goes on!!!! 
We have 2 baptisms that will be happening in the next Sunday which will be awesome and things will be good for them they are 2 solid young men doing well and progressing very nicely!!!  One of them even before he is baptized is already bringing friends to church for us to teach them!!!  It is pretty awesome he will be good!!!  The branch is growing well and doing even better than I thought!!!  If it continues like this all will be getting better in a very short time!!!  We got to play soccer again this week which was good and awesome I always like doing that and it will be ok as time progresses although if I get transferred that might end!!!  Anyway though other than this there is not much going on here that I haven’t already mentioned but it is all good!!
It is still pretty hot here and it is moving into hot season and it is not going to be fun but at least it is the last one that I have to endure hahaha!!!  Other than this things sound pretty good there at home and all is off to school hope they will enjoy this year and things and before it is over I will be there haha!!!!  Anyway have a good week to all Love you!!!

Elder Welling

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two Short Letters...

Hey Mom

For sake of time this week I am writing two quick emails to you and dad and then I will have to go the power has been off all morning and so it has just now come back but all is well!!!  We had a baptism this week which was awesome and it went really well definitely a great kid!!!  He will be a good member if he continues to be doing what he is supposed too!!!  For sure we had a service project this week that was really fun and exciting we removed weeds at a nearby place to the church in a market that was pretty awesome it was good!!!  Well there will be some other baptisms coming up here shortly on the 30th and things so it should be pretty awesome!!!  The area is not a village but like a suburb and things so it should be pretty good and things until things come up!!!  Other than this there is not much that has gone on this week and things like that!!!  The comp and I are still doing good and things like that so all is well!!!  Anyway have a good week love you!!!!
Love Colton

Hey Dad

Yeah things here are going well and all is going good!!!  Like I told mom for sake of time because of power and things it is just quick emails to each of you!!!  Well I am glad the weekend is doing ok and all is going good now and all is safe the deer thing is definitely scary but it will all be good the deer can now rest peacefully haha  Anyway the week was good and a lot of things was happening!!!  We had a service project here this week, removing some weeds and things at a local market which was pretty good and all went well with that!!!!  We also had another baptism that went down yesterday which was awesome as well!!!!  We are still teaching and working to the best we can in the area!!!  I am enjoying and things are going well!!!  Oh and I may not have said everything here so make sure mom reads this too!!!  Anyway Hope the car can be fixed and things!!!!  Looks rough!!!  Next thing I have been doing some thinking and I am not sure exactly why my brain has been troubled about it but for the last week I have been thinking about career choices and things like that it is becoming really hard to stay focused now that I am nearing the end of the mission a lot of things like job career choice and things like that are really heavy on the mind!!!  District leader stuff is going well keeping up the things here and yes it is still just us and sisters it is weird  it is like dating at every meeting hahaha  Anyway there is not much else going on here just continuing the missionary efforts and things here but have a good week
Love you!!!!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Teaching and Baptizing....

Hello Family,
Well this week has been pretty awesome and things are going well!!!  We are indeed still teaching many people and doing what we can to help them receive the gospel!!!  We just finished the 6th baptism and will be even having another one this coming week and things so it should be awesome!!!!  We will also have another or 2 by the 30th coming up so that will also be awesome and I am excited to be there!!!!  The branch struggles still in a few areas but all in all they are starting to get a little better in some areas, they at least start on time and things so it is good!!!  There is not too many other things happening really, we still play a lot of soccer and things and some of those fun things on Saturday so it is nice!!!  This week though I was able to score 6 goals and we had fun!!!  Funny enough I find myself not having a lot to say when I get to the computer on Mondays but all will be well and things!!! 
Me and the comp are still doing well and teaching well together!!!  There will be a huge transfer here in 4 weeks though so I have no doubt either I will be gone or they will move the comp but we will see and things how they are going to go down here!!!  I am tired of the flatte though the water goes out in the mornings sometimes and sometimes in the evening!!!  The power same thing if the power is on the water is gone and if the power is off the water is there!!!  So it is really tough to see how to catch it at the different times and things that happen!!!  Emailing is also a challenge here because sometimes the whole country goes out of power so it drives us insane!!!  Other than this all is good the Yellowstone trip sounds fun too bad I missed it especially the bar j wranglers I like their music and things!!! 
I hope that everyone will enjoy the week though and all will be well to those who are sick and injured that is never fun.  We will talk next week Love you all!!!!

Elder Welling

Monday, August 3, 2015

Baptisms and Pictures...

Hey Family,
Well things have been good and things are going well!!  I first want to let you know about that boy who the money went to, he was very happy and things I’ll get some pics this next week but he wrote something to you the family and friends!!! In His words:
         To Elder Welling Senior and the Family & Friends,
Dear my beloved brothers and sisters, I am so grateful for the powerful help you have given me!  I was like a man who was going to Jericho and on his way he was wounded and beaten and left for dead! (Luke 10:30-35) But when you heard about my afflictions and trials I am passing through you immediately took action!  My brothers and sisters, you have showed me the heart of a good Samaritan who helped a seriously wounded man!  I am heavily proud of your son Elder Colton Welling for his desire to assist me to pick this yoke up of my afflictions and trials, he is a great friend of mine!  I am sure God will arrange a time in the future for you all and me to meet!  Gods Time Is Always The Best!  With these remarks may the Good Father In Heaven bless you all!
Best regards
Br Joseph Unyolo
This was his way of saying thank you for what was able to happen and believe me he is a lot happier than the letter may appear I will get photos though so you can see what he looks like.  In fact the last pic I have sent here he is the one on the far left kneeling down, he baptized one of the investigators!!!!  Really a great guy and has a strong testimony of the gospel he will make a great missionary!!!!  It is going to be hard to leave behind good friends and things but all will be well!!!! 
This last week went well and all is going good in the branch and things!!!!  We had another baptism but the camera died and I haven’t gotten the photos yet from the comp but next week should have them for us all!!!  I didn’t use drop box because the internet here is really bad!!!!  Anyway the baptisms are awesome and if all goes well we will be having even another baptism on the 16th of this month it is pretty awesome!!!!  We also got to play soccer this last week again it was pretty awesome had over 6 goals so I was pretty happy and things!!  These guys are pretty good down here and things like that!!!!  For sure I am missing playing bball now though!!!  Anyway I am glad the reunion was good too bad I missed it and things like that I miss those but like some of you have said it is the last one that I have to miss!!!!!  Me and the comp are again together for another 6 weeks so it will be awesome I am enjoying this one and we are working pretty well this side!!!
You could just send the letters too that address I gave you last week in the pouch here it should get here in ten days!! And I am not sure if you have sent the package yet or not but I am eager to get that Brigham Young book for reading. I have read the Joseph Smith one and it was awesome!!!!  The package can go to the same address!!!  Anyway all is good here and a special hi to Grandma and Grandpa Welling and also Grandma and Grandpa Hatch!!!  Love you all Have a good week!!!!

Elder Welling