Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Training Again....

Hello Family

How are things going that side this week??  The week here has been pretty good although not much has gone on here just the same missionary work and things!!  We have had a lot of appointments this week which has been good and fun to go to!!  The new companion is doing good he is awesome!! His name is Elder Maele he is from Kenya!!  He is doing well and is excited about the mission and being able to serve!!  Apparently there is nine of them in their family and he is the last born!!  He was born in the church which is good!!  The other cool thing is his older brother served in Uganda before him serving so he is excited!!  The sad part is his dad passed away so it is kind of sucky for him.  Hopefully he will still love mission!!  He is enjoying it so far so we will see as the weeks go on!!  The training is good as always it is pretty interesting though receiving a third person to train usually president says the max people to train is two!!  So I was a bit startled when he gave me this one to train!!  

That is good that Elder Moya made it home safely and that he is doing well!!  I hope that he will be able to get back into life from mission!!  The district is doing well and we are even starting to do better and better in how we carry out our weeks!!  So hopefully the progress will continue to grow!!  Yes i am doing my best to lead them lovingly haha most of the time I just try to have fun with them which seems to work the best!!  I don’t think the mission president would approve of any of those activities considering he has taken them out of the missionary agenda!!  I can try but I think that I already know the answer!!  The only thing I do now days is go to the gym on Mondays so we will see how things pan out!!  I will be excited when I get home to get back to playing these sports!!  Something to consider though is possibly in the next area where I will be going there might be a bball court or a soccer field where I can go to play!!

The sporting stuff sounds like fun it is too bad that i am missing all of this stuff!!  I wish I could be there to watch them all play and to be able to see the championship in Idaho that would have been awesome!!  Sorry that dad and grandma are still sick hopefully they will get feeling better and even mom if she does end up catching it!!  There will be no pics this week but I will get some on the site next week for sure!!  Have a good week to everyone and a great day to all love you all and I will talk to you next week!!

Elder Welling

Monday, February 16, 2015

Things are going well...

Hello Family!!

Things have been going well here and all is good!!  Elder Moya is on his way home by this point so it is really weird to think about!!  My new comp doesn’t get here till Thursday so I do not know him yet but I am excited to meet him!!  He is fresh from the MTC and yes I am training again which is crazy!!  It will be fun to do it again though!!  I am right now with the other elders and we are all doing really well and I am getting along with them just fine!!  They are my comps for a few days!!  The district is doing well and we are trying to do the things that are required of us so we will continue!!  I have not found out too much on the shooting and I don’t really want to ask about it to anyone as of now!!  The week has been pretty fun and funny!!  My comp has spent the week doing all he needs to go and get ready to leave!!  We have been in town a lot this week!!  

So, mom the land mark near us that I know is called Masala market and it is pretty big or there is a little shop near us called the complex!!!  It is pretty cool though!!  I am still in contact with other missionaries especially comps!!  Mwambu will be getting ready to go here shortly which is also weird to think about because he trained me!!  The baptism that we have coming up is March 14th for sure there will be one that day and I am excited!!  We don’t have any meetings coming up until May so it will be really weird not to see any leaders here in Ndola for a while!!  The branch is getting bigger and they are getting us somewhere else to meet which is really nice!!  All things are going well and doing well!!  There are not too many other things that have happened this week just the same missionary work!!

It sounds like things were pretty event full that side this last week with all the bball going on which is always fun!!  I wish I could be there to watch that much bball I miss playing and watching it for sure!!  Hopefully things will get better for the winning type of things!!  That is pretty cool that Katie did that it, is always fun to do that but it is even better to do that to a Rock Springs player! It is too bad that they ended up losing that game!!  It would have made it better if they had even won hahaha!!  Then you could listen to the ex-cons complain and wine a little more!!  It is always fun to play there though because the intensity that is there is awesome gets the adrenaline pumping!!
 Anyway have a good week to all of you and I love you all talk to you next week!!

Love Elder Welling

Monday, February 9, 2015

One Creepy Night....

Hello Family!!

So this week has been pretty good and things are going very well!!  The training that I had to do I thought went pretty well and the listeners were enjoying it!!  I talked and answered questions for about an hour and 15 min it was pretty crazy!!  I enjoyed it though!!  Not only that it has been crazy with the comp getting ready to leave and doing that type of thing!!  Transfers are coming up and I am excited to see what happens because I might not be in this area but we will see!!  Also on Sunday this last one I was randomly asked by a boy’s father to baptize him which was weird considering the father was there but I will get those photos later!!  The weather here is getting hot and it has stopped raining for the time being!!  All things are doing well though!!

I don’t know how much work I will be doing this week because my comp is going to be running around trying to get everything done before he leaves and then the new comp hopefully will be coming shortly after!!  Well since I don’t have too much to write about I will give a pretty creepy experience!! AND DONT FREAK OUT IT IS ALL GOOD NOW!!  So a couple of nights ago there was shooting right outside our house and it was not at animals but at other humans!!  It was scary because we were behind only inch thick wood doors with nothing but butter knives to protect ourselves!!  We had turned out all the lights and things until time passed but it was crappy to have shootings going on and we had nothing to protect ourselves from!!  Other than this it has been pretty normal here!!  I am enjoying the new area and things so it is good!! 

With the international driver’s license I would send it in the box with the books but before you do photo copy each page of it and keep it in case I need it faster than the package comes that way you can fax it or email the copies!!  Other than that it is how I would send it!!  Also some more deodorant would be good to have thanks!!  I am still enjoying mission and having fun with it!!  The elders I am with I am enjoying the company and things!! 

It looks like everybody is enjoying things down there and are having a lot of fun!!  Sorry for all the ones that are sick it is too bad and I hate the flu!!  I hope that all the sporting activities are going well and good luck to the ones competing this week!!  Sorry that the winter hasn’t really come this year but it will hopefully!!  Have a good week to everyone and a great Monday!!  Love you all!!

Elder Welling

Monday, February 2, 2015

Branches and Districts are Growing...

Hello Family,

Things have been good here this week and all has been going well!!  This week was better than last week because it was a normal week of missionary work rather than all the meetings like we had last week!!  We have had some great lessons and it was pretty cool!!  We are preparing somebody for baptism so it is pretty cool. I hope that she will make it to baptism and she will be a strong member of the church!!  Also this week has been fun because my comp is starting to get ready to go so we have been running around getting things for his trip home!!  It feels weird to see someone going home that is for sure but still pretty cool!!  There have been new things introduced to the branch to get it going and help it grow faster so it should be interesting to see how things play out!!  The branch is growing and we are in the process of looking for a different meeting house to meet in because the congregation is too big for the current one!!

Also this coming week we are splitting the current district into two so we will have a whole new district presidency here and some different branches to go in them!!  This will also be an interesting meeting!!  We are also in charge this Saturday of training all the leadership in the branch which is kind of weird considering we are 19-20 year olds teaching all these adults how to do their roles in the branch!!  I hope this will go well!!  Transfers are coming up though in the next week I think so we will see what happens here!!  There are three Zone leaders leaving and a 4th probably getting released so I could get moved into one of those positions!!  Possibly!!  If this is the case I won’t be in the same area anymore so we will see and I will let you know!!  Dad I also need you to look into making sure the international driver’s license is still valid so that I can use that here if it isn’t can you get me the updated one as soon and as quick as possible!!  

It sounds like everyone had a fun weekend there though with all the parties and sporting events!!  It is too bad that i was not able to come to the super bowl party I always like having those!!  Also I am sorry to all the loss that happened with the bball hopefully things start to look better this week!!  I heard that Kaden and Caleb are scoring a lot of points in their games, that is awesome they are going to be very good when they get older!!  It will be fun to watch them play later on!!  I am glad the patriots were able to beat the Seahawks though they sure didn’t need to win twice in a row but it is the only time that I will vote for the Patriots to win!!  

It is also cool that you all got to see and be that close to an apostle!!  I have been able to do that before to and the spirit they carry with them is very strong which is cool!!  I have also now had the opportunity to shake two different apostle’s hands now only 13 more to go haha!!  Any way things have been good and going well!!  Have a good week to everybody and I will get on later to put pics on and to get some other things from it!!  Also I am looking for the recipe to the nice peanut butter bars that people in the welling family always bring to parties and the Eskimo cookie recipe if someone could get that and send it back to me that would be awesome that way when i get on a little later i can get those and make them this week!! Love you all !!

Elder Welling 

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