Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Running From Danger....

Hello Family,

This week was pretty well and we are doing good and having a good time here!!!  We had the 2 baptisms this week which was pretty good and we are working some others at this current time to try and get them ready for the baptism in future weeks!!!  It was pretty awesome and things are going good!!!  Branch is doing good and all is going well inside it!!!  We got to watch conference this week which was pretty awesome and things the talks were excellent and uplifting and the three new apostles will be great for sure!!  The comp is also good still doing the work and getting things done this side it is too bad that he will be leaving shortly but all is well!!!  People here are doing well and we actually have a guy at this point who is doing extremely well he is older and is an investigator we found him a while back and had been taught by many missionaries well apparently in the time that this was going on before we came this man has read the entire Book Of Mormon 3 times through an is working on the 4th knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet and can recount the story as if a 5-10 year old member extremely prepared and wants to be baptized it is hard for him to move because of knees but came this last Sunday for the first time awesome guy!!!!! We are working on him at the current time!!!!

The other story want to tell you and also want to make sure that none of you especially MOM freak out about it!!!!  2-3 weeks ago me and the comp were returning home pretty late from the area about 9 pm which is the time we are supposed to come home so it was normal!!!!  Well on the way home we were about 5-10 min away from getting to the house!!!  Well on the way there we were walking past a group of pretty big guys 6 of them with machetes and weapons of that sort!!  Well I walked past them not scared just strolled past, well on the way my comp looked back and then decided to run, it took me a second to realize what was going on and then I looked behind!!!  Well when I looked I saw these 6 men with weapons in hand running for us and threatening us to stop they were about 15-20 feet behind me when the thought came RUN haha well I took off as well and surprisingly I caught the companion somewhere up the road and we continued till home they were still behind us and things so it was pretty crazy we got to the gate pretty dang fast and it had to be record time you know running when scared is a lot different than when racing hahaha!!!  Anyway we got in the gate very quickly and things and then turned around to look through the peep hole in gate!!  Well the people chasing us got to where we should have been and started to look in the bushed and around our gate supposing because we disappeared so fast that we had gone off in the bushes!!!  It was quite an interesting night haha I now know what it feels like to get chased by guys with real weapons on the intent of hurting and robbing you!!!  hahaha That is the story of the week tho!!

I hope all will be going well there and things will be going good It sounds like the week was good and everybody had a good time!!!  I hope this week things will work out for all and everyone will have an enjoyable holiday there!!!  Love you all!!!!!

Elder Welling

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greetings from Africa...

Greetings From Africa to all!!!

Hope all the guys are having fun up there at the camp of the mighty hunters, hope you all were able to hit something up there hahaha that is a joke but still funny miss being there though!!!  Anyway life is good here and we are all doing great!!!  I am having fun and enjoying the experience that I am having!!  I have learned a great deal of things and hope it continues to get better as the time is winding down!!!  For sure time is flying and for sure I can feel it start to get closer but it is all good things are still going good!!  This week we had a great time teaching and getting people ready for the baptism, this next week we are having 2 baptisms which will be awesome to see and have!!!  I am excited for that to see and to happen!!!  I was hoping for a few others but it is still awesome to get 2 more this month!!!  The branch is doing well and we have been getting better in the way we do things here I am hoping it gets a lot better as the time progresses!!!  

The comp and I are still doing great and we are enjoying life he is still training and learning but he is a lot faster than the other three I have trained so it has made it easier!!!  With Joseph Unyolo he was at the funeral and spent time with the parents, it is not that they abandoned him they moved because of job and other reasons but because Joseph loved the church and it wasn’t where they were going he chose to stay behind so that he could prepare for mission and stay active in the church and because of that it has been hard for him to find job and all of the other things that I have told you about him!!!  Other than that he is doing good he is back now and is doing good!!!  He is preparing because January 7th is a very short time away only two months technically so he is excited as well as am I for him!!! 

My comp will be leaving on the 24th of November so I am not sure whether I will stay here and have a new comp or what but we will see how things go this coming week with things!!!!  Hope all will be going well!!!  it is pretty weird to think that I have been in this continent for almost 2 years and that I am pretty much 21 hahaha it will be awesome to have the very next birthday on thanksgiving haaha it will be fun!!!! There really was not anything interesting about this week but all is going well here anyway I hope everyone will have a great week there and all will be well for the others Love you all!!!!!

Elder Welling 

Monday, October 12, 2015

More Baptisms on the Way...

Hello Family,

This week has been pretty good and doing well!!!  We have a had an ok week this week the Zone conference was the high light of the week which was awesome it gave us all including me a burst of energy that I needed so hopefully things will go good!!!  Me and the comp are doing well and continuing to work and things so it is good!!!  We did get new though that my companion will be leaving on the 24th of November which in my books is a LEGENDARY DAY hahaha but it will be the day he is leaving so most likely I will stay here in this area and either train again or i will be given a comp here for a short time not sure the mind and will of the Lord on this one!!!  Anyway though the branch is doing good and things are going well there the people and the leaders are starting to get the hang of things really well and the missionaries have been able to back of a little bit!!!  We continue to help where it is needed but other than that things are good!!!!

We have hopefully two baptisms and things coming up this coming week of the 25th it should be pretty good and things going well there!!!  there are 2 candidates for it boy and girl sister and brother which is cool  to see and things!!!  There were many things that we were also able to do this week as well as District conference!!!  they loaded all the branch that came to the church including me and the comp into this huge cargo truck but the catch is it looks like it was made in the 1950s and it is still running which is surprising we rode in the back like it was normal and things it was fun and everyone was looking because you never see a white guy get in the back of these things and drive down the road haha it was fun!!!!

We got the package though it is good and I have started in on the brigham book it is quite interesting!!!  I am loving that as well as all the food that was there!!!  The food will be gone by this time tomorrow haha and the other things are still there like th spices!!!  I enjoyed reading all the letters from reunion and a thanks to all those who wrote on to me I enjoyed reading them!!!  I did respect the one that said open on birthday that one I have not opened yet but will in 6 weeks hahaha!!!!  Other than this things are going good and we are enjoying these things for sure!!!!  Anyway have a great week to everyone and a great monday!!  Videos will be here next week forgot the card at house!!1  Love you all!!!!

Elder Welling

Monday, October 5, 2015

Calls Received... All is Well....

Hello Family,

Everything has been going good and the week has been awesome!!  We are having many people to teach and a possible baptism in 2 weeks and things which will be good!!!  We are doing good though the branch missionaries have received their calls and they all know where they are going so it is a pretty cool thing to see!!!  Joseph Unyolo has his call which is awesome he is going to a pretty cool place and things so I will get photos on dropbox this week they are downloading
now as well as two videos of Joseph opening the call which are cool they will be on this week for you to see!!!  Just in case the videos don’t come though he has been called to the Liberia Monrovia mission and leaves here on January 7th 2016 he is going to the Ghana MTC and will be doing very well!!!  The branch is doing well and having a great time we are providing trainings to help the branch out and
continuing to build them up in the specific areas in which they need help!!!  The moose which he shot looks great and is big wish I could have been there!!!  oh yeah and can I ask what he was thinking shooting that at the bottom of jack creek that is downright insane haha but knowing myself I would have shot at it too hahaha!!!  Glad he was able as well with others to get it out!!!!  Ok I will wait for the package to come then, I will be waiting for it!!!  Anyway things are going good here and the comp and me are doing well still working and trying to teach many!!!!  We are having a good time and I am still loving the area and the people here as well as trying to finish strong here!!!  There are a lot of things going down here but all is well we continue!!!  I am excited to watch conference and things when they get here so we will wait as well as to see the new apostles!!!  Anyway
Love you all and have a good week!!!

Elder Welling