Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Time in the Field...

Hello Family!!

The week has been good and has gone well!!  Christmas has been really fun and it was just a little different than usual!!  Me and the companions have done a lot of things and have been teaching some different people!!  The Christmas party for the mission was really fun and we had a great time!!  We got to eat a lot of food and had some good times with our other friends in the mission!!  We ate pizza and chicken as the main course but there were lots of other good food there!!  The Mission President let us all watch the Christmas carol which was way awesome I enjoy that movie a lot!!  I enjoyed it even more when he stood up after the movie and helped apply the moral of the story to the repentance process and the sacrament which was awesome!! He also had us read a couple of talks from general conference on the sacrament which were really good to read them again!!  Other than that the gifts that I got from you guys were awesome and I loved them all!!  I love the tie and the coin!!!  I also really enjoyed the head light because my comps go to bed early sometimes and it provides easy access for me to study some more!!  I took some good photos during the holiday but I made a mistake and didn’t take the camera to the Christmas party for the mission so I know that the Skidmores and the senior couples took a lot if you could get some from them it would be good!!  

Yes my voice is different and it is kind of cool that it has changed in that short of a time!!  I also got reaffirmed when the mission president wife called me this morning and asked who she was speaking to and I said it is Elder Welling and she laughed and said Elder Welling you sound like you are an African!!  When I heard that from her I knew that the accent had changed a lot!!  It was pretty funny!!  It was very nice to be able to talk to all of you this Christmas and it was nice to be able to hear everybody’s voice!!  Skyping was there and it has always been here I just found it quicker and easier to call but if you would like to skype I can get that set up for Mother’s day it won’t be a problem!! I just figured you didn’t care but I will make sure skyping will be what I use next time I get to call!!  It was nice to talk to the grandparents though and I am glad that they enjoyed it as well it has been a while since I have heard their voices!!  Yes great grandma Hatch was able to understand me I tried to make every word understandable to her but the call only lasted about 2 min so it was a little different!!  She knew who it was though after I had called her!!  

So I wrote the questions down this time so I can answer all of them!!  My companions didn’t get anything for Christmas besides what I gave them and helped them with their families don’t have the money to send internationally the packages so they pretty much depend on themselves!!  Presidents wife is awesome I love both her and president and believe it or not president is almost exactly like Dad haha so it is pretty awesome!!  Yes they live in the mission home the mission home and the mission office are the same building!!  So if we go there we are not only in their home but also the mission provided office!!  For the retainers I have both a top and a bottom that I need if you get new ones!!  I don’t know but I am scared they are getting bent because of how much I grind my teeth at night!!  I am thinking that if I can get another pair then I can alternate them and make the wear and tear less!!!  The ankle tape is good and I have plenty I am only using it when my ankle get hit or role it other than that everything is going good!!  

Anyway it sounds like everything is going well that side with all the fun activities and holiday things going!!  I heard that there are games going on this coming week which is good I hope everybody enjoys that!!!  Wish I could be there for all the parties and things though!!  Anyway have a great week to all of you and a happy new year!!  I’ll talk to everybody next week!!  Love you all!!  

Elder Welling

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