Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Early Morning Chat Between Mother and Son

Mom:  "So tell me about your new companion and I thought you wouldn't be able to serve with another white elder."


haha well he is from the uk and since he traveled alone and is also waiting for a visa to South Africa he was put with me to train so we shall see how long I am with him!!  He is way cool though!!

Mom:  Awesome!  I love the pictures of the two of you!  Is he a convert or has he been a member his whole life?

Colton:  He has been a member his whole life and is from a family of 5 his dad was a bishop too!!  He was born in 1996 though and is only 18!!!

Mom:  Wow!  that is cool.  I hope you get to be with him for a little while.  I told you in my letter (if you read them entirely) that I have been writing Elder Ruell's mother back and forth, her son got transferred to Uganda, she said that her son said you did an excellent job teaching elder Bakari English.

Colton:  Yes he got a lot better at English when he was here and was getting better as time was moving!!  So it was cool to watch!! Yes i read your entire letter I always do!!!  I am just not good at answering all the concerns and things that you and dad put in them!!

Mom:  Okay, because sometimes I am like, "I don't think he even reads my letter."  Ha, Ha, Ha.  Hey, 7 months without a coke or any caffeine!!!  In fact, other pop just doesn't taste as good so really I have cut out pop all together!!!

Colton:  hahaha funny that you have made it everyday I have had a coke or mt dew everyday hahaha but it is good that you are cutting off pop just sucks because I will lose!!

Mom:  Well, I am glad you find humor in it because it has about killed me!!!!! ha, ha, ha.  And to think that you have been having what I can't have every day, sucks!!!!!!  Oh well, it is healthier for me and I know that.  I just know that on the day after you get home . . . . .  Walmart won't have enough Coke!!!!!

Colton:  Haha by that time you probably won’t want one haha but we shall see what happens!!

Mom:  So, how did your baptisms go?

Colton:  Well we didn't have them because they missed church but we will find out why anyway though we have one scheduled for next week!!!!

Mom:  Oh, well that's okay.  Are they all from one family?  How is Bongani?  We follow him on facebook and comment back and forth on facebook as well.

Colton:  Yes some are and some are not two and two  Bongani is good he game back from copper belt on Saturday but was sick so I haven't seen him for a week but he will be back soon!!!

Mom:  Oh, that is good.  He seems like a cute kid.  He thinks of you as his brother and wants to stay with us when you get back and visit the states.  We told him that would be awesome!!!!!  So who were the two little boys you sent us a picture of?

Colton:  They are the branch presidents 1st counselors kids we were there for a dinner and me and the comp got picture crazy haha they are some funny boys!!!

Mom:  So what are you doing for P-day today?

Colton:  Well as soon as I finish to email we will hit the soccer field to play for about 2 hours and then we will head back to the area and chill for some time then study a little and wake up for next week!!!  Um my comp has just informed me that He is getting ready and needs to go so I am going to get off there won’t be a letter this week so if you could let dad and the others know I will upload all these pics instead and next week ill get the letter to you!!  Anyway Love you and it was very nice being able to chat with you have a great Monday mom!!!!

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