Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday Requests...

Hello Family!!!
Yes mom to start out I have got the recipe and I will be using it thank you for that stuff!!!  Anyway the b-day package there is not much more that I need other than the food!!!  Anyway I want to say that I am sorry about the pics they are being very stupid and I am going to try and try today to get some up but for the last couple of weeks we have been going to a weird and slow emailing shop so I will see!!  Also thank you dad for going through and deleting those posts!!  I thought I had logged off and that it was completely gone I will make sure that it is completely gone this week!!!  Anyway Africa is good and the heat is terrible!!  I don’t think my body will ever get use to the heat it is bad!!  Actually mom I did think of something you could add to the package a giant pile of snow and some ice!!! hahahahaha!!  Also I am wondering if you could have Nathan ask Coach Barker how much athletic tape is and see if he can get me some!!  We play soccer and I have hurt my ankle quite a number of times so it would be nice to have some support for when we play!!  Um other than that I have been in the same area for 6 months now and it is getting a little tiring but the work continues and everything will be going ok!!  Driving down here is still crazy!!  I drove into town today on a mini bus which are those small buses that they cram everyone into!!  Well we got onto a main highway with 4 lanes, there are no lines on the road and people are everywhere!!!  I am not kidding it looked like I was in the middle of a demolition derby except we were trying to dodge the oncoming traffic and the near hits from cars going the same way!!!  I am a little scared to drive here hahhaha  If you can imagine this you would know what it feels like to drive here!!!!
Other than this everything is going good and it has been another good p-day here in Zambia!!  I miss going to Grandma Welling’s for breakfast but it is ok I hope that you guys will enjoy the parade and the lunch and things that you will be doing!!!  It sounds like the little boys are enjoying their sports and that they are doing pretty well!!!  I hope that school is ok for everyone and stress will be down!!!  Well I came across some scriptures that dad might think is funny so I thought I would share them!!!  Prov 21:9, 19!!  I don’t mean any harm just thought they were funny!!!  Um I am glad that people are enjoying the blog and hopefully they will continue to enjoy it!!  Like I said my companion is pretty cool and he is big!!  He likes to wrestle and to have fun!!  He is crazy and is always looking for opportunities to wrestle!!  The funny thing is he never has won so I feel pretty good considering he is bigger than me!!!  Oh that is pretty scary to think that Kaden will be carrying a gun this year he seems like he is smaller than both Nate and I were when we started!!  ha-ha  I hope that he will be ok and that he will enjoy this year!!!  I also laugh because now dad you can’t sit in camp you have to take Kaden out since I am not there hahaha!!!!  There will be no standing around the fire and talking till ten you will have to go up the trail hahaha!!!
I am glad to hear that the football team actually had a win I didn’t expect them to do better than last year’s team but we shall see how they do!!!!  Well there isn’t much more for me to say I don’t usually say a lot and this week isn’t any different!!!  I am learning a lot and i am happy to be out here serving!!  I hope that you all have had a great weekend and that you will have a great day!!!  When I figure out the pics thing I will try to send them and get them out to all of you!!  Hopefully I will have some more stories for you next week and that the stories I get next week will be good as well!!!  Love all of you talk to you next week!!!!!

Elder Welling

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