Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Baptisms, Pictures and time is flying by......

Hello Family
I hope all is going well that side from the pics and emails I would say it is even though all the exhaustion is there!!!  Anyway this week was really good we taught very many lessons and have a lot of people ready for baptism in the upcoming weeks!!!  We have two to four people that will be baptized on the 26th possibly as well as the one we baptized this last Sunday and then we should even have one on the 2nd of august as well so it is good and the Lords work is moving along very nicely!!!  The guy we baptized is a pretty sweet guy and very down to earth!!!  He was taught once before but denied it and then he found the church in our area and found us the missionaries and asked us if we could teach him!!!  Well he progressed and then he entered the waters of Mormon yesterday!!! haha  It was good he was very happy and ready for it!!  So it was a good day for everybody!!!  All things are going well though and the branch is doing better!!! 
I am not so sure if you sent a package yet but hopefully if you have it will be here when the mission president comes!!!!  I also know that now that I am in Malawi if you send things direct to the Malawi post I can get them faster letters take ten days and packages a month!!!  I will get that address and things for you but I left the planner at home so next week I’ll get it!!!  but it will be there for the email next week!!!  Man that camp is a reminder of the woods there at the hunting camp for sure I miss that place and funny enough that is also coming up here in 3 months or so haha!!!  Something I also realized is school starts for those ones there here in about 5 weeks the summer
is flying by!!!!
I am uploading I think about a hundred photos to the dropbox today so I hope they all go through and I will get some more for you next Monday when I come and email!!!  I don’t have too much info on the Stones but before I go or they go I will get the info from them so you could go, that would be awesome although I do know that this is their third mission that they have been on so it is pretty cool to be able to see all of those things!!!!  We did play soccer again this week which was really fun and exciting as always!!!  There are a lot of friends here in this branch though more than in any of the other branches here!!!  So it will be pretty hard to leave this branch when I get transferred!!  All things are going well though and we are doing good!!!  Something funny though that I will add in here, Me and the comp we were teaching a lesson this week and it was a pretty spiritual lesson to start out with!!  Well we reached a certain point in the lesson and my companion turns to the investigator with all seriousness and says "what is the name of Jesus Christ?" I thought about that question for a moment and then started laughing pretty bad!!!  Because of the question asked, My comp looked at me puzzled and he said what’s wrong and I said "you asked a really inspired question there!!!" more laughing until he finally caught it and by this time the whole room was laughing!!!  It was pretty good!!!  Anyway Have a good week to everyone and Love you all!!!
Love Elder Welling

Question: Do the Africans wear a lot of strange jewelry?

Answer: Yes and they wear them everywhere, also there is a crazy tribe down here called the Goulie-Wan Coulou, they are a crazy people and run around the areas with spears and machetes, sorry no photos, don’t want to get too close to these guys!!

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