Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Chilling and Working in Ndola...

Hello family!!

So the week has been good and very fun!!!  There was a lot that happened this week!!  The First district meeting in Ndola here was quite good and we were able to learn a lot of things!!  It is weird being in a meeting house and not having a lot of people at church but I will get used to it!!  This was the first week the entire mission that I have missed church my companion was really sick and was not doing well!!  Other than that we also had some 3 baptisms this week which was awesome those pics will be in the drop box so you will be able to have those!!  It was pretty sweet to see these ones get baptized one was being taught all the way back to some old missionaries so it was cool!!  The new area is bigger than the last and we are still walking so it is crazy!!  It has more poverty than the last one though and we live right next to a market so it is also very weird!!  The new comp is pretty awesome though he is from Tanzania just like Elder Bakari was so it is pretty cool!!  I won’t have him for long because he is going home in 4 weeks and then I will get a new comp and possibly be training again there are new elders coming the day he goes home!!

The area is actually easier to teach I found and it is pretty sweet!!   There are only two branches here and they are very small!!  They will get bigger eventually over time so we will see how it goes!!  There is no senior couple in this area only 45 minutes away is the nearest couple!  Also it wasn’t hard to jump into the new area as a district leader it was actually not bad for some reason!!!  Though things are going well and it is fun here!!  We have a lot of things coming up in the future we could have an apostle coming in the next couple of months and an 70 so it will be pretty fun the next couple of weeks and pretty close I will be a year and it will be all downhill from there!!

Well the stories from home are pretty awesome I would have loved to see grandpa and Nate get wet from that toilet experience that would have been awesome!!  I am also sad that I am missing all the bball games and things that are going on!!!  Anyway there
wasn’t too much else that has gone on this week so I will talk to everyone next week have a good week to everyone and also good luck with all the sporting things Love you all!!!

Elder Welling

1. Do we still send packages to the mission home in Lusaka?
Yes still send them there because then they will be delivered up here to me!!
 2. How is the new companion?
The new comp is good he is awesome but he goes home in 4 weeks and I will get a new one!!
 3.  Where is he from and what is his family like?
So if you remember Elder Bakari that was from Tanzania this one is Elder Moya also from Tanzania!!  He has two younger siblings from what I know though!!
 4.  What is your new flat like?
It is actually better than the last one and we have a guard and other people inside the complex so it is more secure than the last one!!
 5.  Is the food similar to Libala?
Yeah pretty similar and we live right next to a market so we get all the nice fruits and vegies that we need!!
 6.  What did you have to do in your new branch on Sunday?
Well it is just a house that is made into a meeting house so it is weird and the attendants are low but it is good!!
 7.  We will be sending your package here in the next few weeks, besides retainers and mango pieces, what do you want?
Jerky of course and some more of those spices you sent the first couple of weeks including the powdered vanilla!! Thank you!!
 8.  How large is your area and are you still walking everywhere?
Yes we still walk everywhere and it is bigger than the last area I am in so it is a lot more walking!!
 9.  What do you like best about your new area?
Well I like it better in a sense that it is new and I now have a lot more to do in learning the names and place of people but also that there is a lot less opposition here than where I was!!
 10.  What do you like least about your new area?
Well it is still full of shady characters but it is just fine!!!

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