Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

New District Leader and Pictures...

New District Leader

Hello Family!!

Well things are good here and going well!!  The week has been good and very eventful actually!!  Me and my comp Elder Ford are doing awesome and are still getting along just like brothers plus he is very funny!!  The baptisms are starting to come and all things are going great!!  The candidates received the spirit and it was a great experience!!  Also the other thing which was surprising but good at the same time I was called to be the District Leader of the district in the same area with the same comp and I am still training Elder Ford!!!  So it has been a weird but cool week!!!  I don’t know how long I will be in the area but it is pretty good and just for grandma I have been out longer than seven months now, I am in the 9th month as of right now and soon going to be pushing 10!!  It is really weird to think about and all!!

It is good that things are well at home and that you were able to find pics on Elder Fords blog I don’t have a lot of pics as he does and he has a faster way of getting them to his family it is called drop box!!  If someone can figure it out and let me know that would be awesome I will send some pics home today but not too many!!  Um I am also asking for dads chili recipe I am going to try it here and see how it is!!  We were able to provide service for a member for about 4 hours and it was fun other than I completely destroyed my hands because they don’t have gloves!!  I was thinking if someone could put gloves in the next package that would be awesome plus it would save me from picking at blisters hahaha!!!

Not much else that has been going on other than my bday is coming up and it is weird because it doesn’t seem like it and it will be even weirder to be 20 haha Other than this it is going fast!!  The weeks are going like a day here!!  Zone conference is coming up Wednesday and it should be really good hopefully!!  A lot has been changing here and it is awesome to be here as it is happening!!  Also the money was for the recent convert Bogoni he was having some trouble because the soccer team he was playing for stopped paying him and he couldn’t get a job so he asked for a little so that he could get himself back on his feet and then he would be able to pay me back he said some time in the next week or two so that is about that situation!!!  Last week was hectic but there will be a post there this week for sure!!  Anyway I hope everybody is doing well there and that you will all have a great day!!  Love you all!!

Elder Welling

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