Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Missionary Work Through Soccer....Who Would Have Guessed!

Hello Family,

This time I will not be able to get photos up I left the camera card reader at home but I will try to remember next week if not I will send the SD card home in a letter!!  Anyway sounds like it has been a pretty crazy week at home!!!  The temple dedication sounds like it will be good and that the open house was good as well!!!!  Yes the work is progressing and going on!!  People are coming and going and they are doing pretty good!!  Anyway I am keeping the same Facebook and going from there!!  I will just be posting either pics of the mission or spiritual stuff every so often!!!  Other than that the heat is crazy and it just keeps getting hotter here!!!  Soccer here is pretty awesome and I am getting better surprisingly!!  I bought some cleats and they are pretty awesome I will get a pic of them home next week!!  The 80 US dollars that was taken out, should have been the cleats that I bought!!  To buy Mwambu's suit I pulled the cash off the ATM, so the money should have gone, but if it didn’t, I can’t explain as to why it is still there other than Heavenly Father is taking care of us missionaries!!!  The money that I pulled off should have depleted the amount on the card but it is still there so we will go with it!!  

The music thing, I have a DVD player that I use to play hymns and that sort of stuff so cd should work well!!!  It sounds like everyone is ready for school there and things will be falling into place!!!  I figured the boys wouldn’t want to start school yet, but I hope they will all enjoy it!!  Especially as sports start to begin!!!  Anyway the quotes that mom sends, yes I read them and yes I like them so if you would keep putting them on there!!  The one awesome story I have for this week is we got invited to go play soccer with the young men for an activity!!  It was pretty fun!!!  The young men thought it would be an easy win, to stick the white man from the U.S. and the big man from Tanzania with the other two elders who looked like they knew nothing about soccer to play against the young men!!!  Well ha-ha little did they know that all four of us elders could play soccer and could do something!!  They were pretty surprised when we won with 17 goals to 11!!!  I had 5 of them so it was awesome but the point I wanted to make is they had a lot of young men show up!!!  The awesome thing is the next morning on a Sunday every one of those young men were there and on time for church!!!  I have never seen so many of them in this branch since I got there!!!

I don’t have too much on that topic Dad, other than spirituality is best gained through humble prayer, the scripture that I use with this topic is D&C 112:10!!!  That is the best way I think there is to be able to gain spirituality and to be able to grow!!   This is because prayer brings us close to our Heavenly Father and when we get closer to our Heavenly Father we are enlightened and grow more than ever before!!  We only progress as fast as we gain knowledge so the faster we move towards Heavenly Father in being converted the more spirituality we gain along the journey!!!!  I told Kaden he could use my gun but pay attention to what I wrote on the reply to him it is funny!!  Tell everyone there I say Hi and I love all of you!!!  Have a great week!!!!

Elder Welling

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