Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, July 14, 2014

All Is Well.... and Letter from Skidmore's

Hello Family!!

Sounds like all of you have had a great week!!  I have had a pretty good week and all has been going good!!  We now have two investigators that will be getting baptized very soon and we are doing well!!  The mission is awesome and it is moving along very well!!  We are working on a family which we found but we will see how that one goes!!  Transfers are coming up here next week not sure if I will be affected but I am hoping that I don’t get transferred until later plus I like the current companion so I am not really ready to leave!!  Anyway other than this all is going well and I am having fun!!  I got the package by the way and it was awesome!!  The jerky is finished, I finished it the first two nights I had it and then I slowed back down!!  It has been a while since I have had jerky!!  

I am going to miss the family reunions but I hope that you guys have a lot of fun for me!!  And my opinion on the tradition part, I like the Bar J Wranglers idea I haven’t seen them since I was little!!  But I also like the Bear Lake Idea so either one will be awesome!!!  Oh and mom Yes I will want to try water skiing.  When I went with Matthew on his family reunions, if you remember we went tubing and wake boarding and even skiing!!  So I will be looking forward to that!!  So tell grandpa not to worry, I will do it when i get back!!  

That is weird that summer is practically over there and that you will be moving towards OCTOBER anyway and it is weird to think that school is already starting again but I hope you guys are getting everything done!!  Yes Caleb, Nathan and Kaden are all going to be just as good as I was and maybe even better.   That was a funny story about Caleb I wish I could have been there to watch his games!!  Hopefully I won’t miss them in the summer after next anyway have a good week family and I hope everything goes well!!!  Oh and have fun with Jill’s family!!!!!!

Elder Welling

From Elder Skidmore...

     It is nice to know someone other than our kids are looking at my blog.  I would love to write about all the wonderful missionaries here in Zambia but I sort of feel like I might show favorites or be critical so I am a little careful.  Elder Welling is an outstanding missionary.  His gospel knowledge and skill at teaching improves daily.  I love to watch these young missionaries catch the vision of their work and rediscover scriptures and the information in "Preach My Gospel".  I will tell you his flat is "not the best" but it is safe and pretty clean.  From the first day Elder Welling has had a great attitude and his many new experiences just flow over him like it is no big deal.  If you have any more children like him, just send them over.
All the best,

Elder David Skidmore

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