Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, April 14, 2014

You Can Eat the Whole Fish...

Hello Family,

I am doing great here and I am loving it, even though I get a little homesick every so often.  I wish I could be in contact all the time with other people while I am here but it is ok.  I have not watched conference but I am excited to be able to watch it this week.  Yes the spiders are huge, even the small ones are like 4 quarters put together to make a square, those are the small ones.  Who knows what kind they are, but I have killed about 20 and believe me they move FAST!   The shower where I shower I have a huge friend who is very tricky and smart, he likes to hide from me.  Every time I go in there I sneak in so that I can maybe catch him and kill him.  It is creepy because it is hard to fall asleep knowing there are a billion of these things crawling around the walls.
I had to talk in church already and it was on Mosiah 3:19.  Church here is different from home, we don’t have a pianist and there are definitely different ways to handle things on a Sunday.  There are only about about 100 members and we don’t have a pianist so we sing accapella.   The work is going forth and me and my companion still like each other so we are doing well.   No the members do not feed us American style food.  The food here is ok I have conformed that you can eat the whole fish including the skin and the tail and even most of the head, minus the bones of course.  The meat down here is really bad it tastes nothing like home.  Yes I am eating fruits and veggies but not very often by the way guavas are very weird.  I am not sure if I can buy multi-vitamins, I haven’t looked so I will look today.  I would sure like some American candy  Haha   My companion loves what I brought from the MTC and they only have kit kat, twix and snickers here. 
The people here are fascinated with how white and tall I am, they call whites mezoungoo which is white haha and I am the tallest missionary here. Yes Soccer is way fun and is what I pictured.  Bball is weird because they have those ratty outdoor hoops so they are not all right sizes. I love soccer and I can’t wait to play today.  My companion tells me I am the first American that knows how to play soccer correctly and well.  Sports here are awesome and I am excited to be able to go and play today.  Waiting a week to be able to play for only 2 hours is killing me.  I do get to interact with the children in town at the church but for the most part it is just when we play ball on Mondays. 
The Teaching is awesome and yes I am loving it, it is cool to see the faces of the people when they understand the teachings.
 I hope Katie will have fun over there looking at all the Church sites.  That is too bad to hear about sister Eyre, we went there every week.  How old was she because she was pretty old when we were going over there.
 Yes I definitely need to study the bible a lot more and I am getting better at studying I can’t believe how much I am learning about the scriptures.  I have been talking to friends that are on missions and all other people that send me an email.  Any way i am trying to send pics but they are just not loading in time so I will definitely keep trying.  I hope everything is going good and that everyone is doing good there.  Love you guys.  Have a good week guys.

Elder Welling

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