Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Companion and Area are Great...

Hello family!!

Things are going good this side here in Malawi!!!  I am enjoying a lot for sure there are a lot of things to do here!!!  I wish we were allowed to do certain things because I would be all over them!!!  This week has gone by fast but all is going well!!!  We are teaching a few investigators and they are progressing so hopefully they will make it to the waters of Mormon!!!  Yes mom I did get the graduation announcement it looks very nice and thank you for it!!!  I really like the book and it has a lot of things contained in it so I am happy to have it!!!  I don’t have to travel any more than I did in Zambia because I am still on foot so it is pretty interesting plus I live 30 min out of town so it is weird!!!  The new comp is cool and a lot like Mwambu he is funny and really chill so I am liking him!!!  Living conditions are good, big flatte three bathrooms and bedrooms, kitchen and dining area so it is awesome!!  The best part is there are only 2 of us!!!!  The best thing as I said last week is the bike taxis so they are really fun to ride haha!!!  Well it is really dusty so it is my least favorite thing about the area!!!

So with pics it is difficult here because they don’t load and the thing is not compatible with my card reader for now so we will see!!!  I will work on getting them up and running for the best of my abilities this next week!!!!  So about the 200 years in the past thing here it goes!!  The houses here are made out of mud bricks that are sun dried and then stuck together with a mortar like substance so it is pretty interesting and the toilets here are really interesting!!!  It is a hole in the ground!!!  The aim here for both things has to be really good hahahahahahaha  I am serious about this by the way it is interesting to see that these people can do that!!!  The public places are better but not by much!!!  Also people make money differently here and in the movies you see the women going to the river to get water and then lifting the heavy buckets on their head well it is the same here!!!  It is pretty weird these women here are muscular they look like they could beat up their husbands which is pretty funny I think!!!  But things will improve over time for sure!!!  

P-day is still pretty boring here but I think this week me and the comp are going to buy a ball and play with it at the flatte so that we don’t get too bored!!!  Oh and I got to play ping pong last week here against some people and was kicking butt haha It is weird because usually churches have bball courts and things well this one had a table so I decided I would kill some guards and missionaries!!  Although probably won’t get to again the comp doesn’t like that game and doesn’t want to go but other than that things are going well here!!!  The branch is great and I am enjoying it for sure!!!  If you could get me the email of Brother Brown I will for sure give him a thank you letter for those!!!!  And also I am losing track of my mind about who’s birthday is coming up and things I know when dads is but others is difficult so if you could remind me every so often that would be great!!!  Anyway have a good week everyone and love you!!!!

Elder Welling

 Copperbelt Zone - June 2015

Lilongwe Zone - June 2015

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