Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Insights on Sabbath Day....

Hello Family,
Haha first off the dump truck driver job sounds awesome and even better when you told grandpa about it and he mentioned what he did!!!  I can’t see her doing that though!!!  If that job is still open though when I get home I won’t have a problem with that I can drive a stick and I am a little bigger than she is hahaha!!!  Anyway the week was great we have been teaching a lot of people and doing things to get them ready for baptism!!!  They are all good people oh and to tell you about the pics that are here, the African girl is from Ghana her name is Racheal Quaye not sure but maybe Garrett might know her Not sure I spelled his name right but I am losing my spelling abilities!!!!  Anyway the branch is doing well and things are going good in it!!!  The Branch President is still new but we are working with him to try and help him to know what to do!!!  It is pretty funny because his second councilor came into church the other day with his wife and they both were wearing red!!!  The guy a bright red suit and shades hahaha!!!!  Him sitting on the stand was even more funny because it was all black and blue and then red dot hahaha!!!!  Me and the comp were laughing really hard and doing what we could to keep our cool!!
Yes we had the Sabbath day training and yes it was quite interesting but we did grow in a deeper understanding of the doctrine behind it and what we could do to make the day better!!!  Also Sabbath in the home was interesting as well and what we need to do in the home to be better at worshiping on the Sabbath day!!!  There is a scripture in Isaiah that is quite interesting about the Sabbath and it is a great one!!!  58:13-14 I think that talks about turning away our own pleasures and things on the holy day of the Lord!!!  It is interesting that Isaiah said this because Christ used David in the Psalms and said something even more interesting!!!!   In Isaiah he said if thou wilt turn away thy foot from doing your pleasures and call the Sabbath a delight then blessings but in Psalms 41:9 it says " yea mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me" which means us instead of following Isaiah’s counsel and turning away from our pleasures (US, his friends who have eaten of his bread at church lift up our heel(or turn in opposite direction of him) against him and start going away!!!  This wasn’t presented to me but it was an insight that I received after!!!!  It might help.   Also in D&C 59:8-12 and the ones after that are interesting too!!!!  but It says that "we will offer a sacrifice to the Lord" but some may wonder why this is so, since the Lord was the great and last sacrifice as recorded in the Book of Mormon!!!  But we offer a broken heart and contrite spirit!!!  Then it says "we will offer up our sacraments" Not the Lords sacrament but ours!!!  We are his because of what he has done for us and that means that we are indebted to him through everything we do!!!  The Lords sacrament was his body and blood for us!!!  But are we willing to give the same thing back to him as it says here in the scripture!!!  Our lives and doings do we offer them to the Lord each week when we offer a sacrament to him each week we take of this to recommit ourselves to him and promise that we will remain faithful in magnifying our callings serving others always standing as a witness of him at all times in all things and in all places!!!  This is not just for us to be renewed it is to show the Lord we are devoted and willing to submit to his will each week Hence offering up our sacraments!!!!  Just like Ezekiel 20:20 it shall be a sign between me and you!!!  Well what’s the sign, the recommitment each week if we don’t follow road signs we can die but when we follow them and use them we are safe and can make it to the destination safely same with sacrament it is a sign that we follow each week that we lead us home and keep us unspotted from the world as it says in D&C!!!!!  This ordinance is a life and death situation As physical beings we need food everyday to survive but what happens when we come to the Lords table we get the spiritual food that we need to heal them and push on through the week!!!  Without it and if we miss a week or don’t come prepared spiritually then our spirits die and we perish by becoming a part of the world and pushing farther and farther away from the Lord the savior from both physical and spiritual death!!!!
There are other things I could say but this should suffice I hope this can help dad!!!!  Anyway the comp is doing very well and is awesome we are getting along and doing very well!!!  I am enjoying my time with him and things!!!  Things are going well and I am enjoying the things that I am learning here are amazing and the insights and things that come from the spirit are amazing!!!!  Any way things are good here and I hope that you enjoy the pics this week I will work on the others next!!!!  Don’t worry mom I am reading your emails and your quotes every week and I enjoy them but sometimes I forget to go back and look at your questions!!!  I am glad everyone is enjoying that side and all is well with soccer and things going!!!  I also got to play soccer this week with the branch missionaries and it was pretty awesome!!!!  They didn’t think that I could play and things so I couldn’t disappoint them!!!  I scored six goals and had a great time!!!  They came to me after wards and said " man you weren’t lying you can play" haha I laughed for a while!!!  Anyway Love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!! 

Elder Welling

 Elder Kapande and I
Elder Welling, Sister Quaye, Sister Tuai, Elder Kapande
Sister Tuai, Elder Welling
 Elder Kapande

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