Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Heat... One Scary Night... Missionaries headed Home...

Hello Family,

Things are going good here in Zambia although it is still hot and climbing!!  The heat is something that i think i will just not ever be used to for sure!!!  I am still thinking it is too hot here all the time and we are even entering the cold season so it is really weird to think that it is still too hot here!!  This week has been good and things are going well for starters my favorite thing of the week was bball as always even though it is still the shortest thing that we do it was fun I was able to help this team down here win all three games and winning them the championship game it was fun had a lot of points and things!!  It was a lot of fun!!  Also this week my companion thought he was going to die haha Which was really funny I wish I could go back and play it over and over again!!!  

The elder from New Mexico came in one night and looked really mad and he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and started walking all creepily to the comp well my comp was freaking out and I was still trying to decide if this was for real or if it was a joke!!  As he got closer I started laughing at him and then the elder took the knife and put it to the skin of my comp and began to cut with the other side of the knife that is not sharp!!  He thought he was going to die haha it was awesome I couldn’t stop laughing though!!!  Other than this no I have not moved I am still here and doing well here though!!  I think there might be a move next transfer but we will see for sure!!  

I am not sure what Nathan could do for the project there is not a lot here that could be going on for that kind of stuff we are even struggling to find the service for ourselves!!  I will keep looking though and I will see what I can do for sure!!  I hope Caleb was able to have a good birthday and that he is enjoying all the gifts that he received, 8 years and he will be on mission haha and it will go by faster than we all think hahaha!!!  Suds brothers is a great restaurant too bad i was not there i miss that place there are not places like that here for sure!!  That will be a place that I will want to visit when I get back there for sure!!  There are a lot of new things that will be happening though here in the mission in the next few weeks though!!

There are some elders that are going to be heading home this next transfer including my trainer and some other good friends here!!  The mission will take a hit for sure but we will see!!  They may leave me and the comp to take over the whole area which in my opinion is too big for two of us to cover the entire place!!  We shall see how it goes though!!  Other than this I am having fun and we are teaching people the gospel we have two potentials that could progress and be baptized in the next 3 weeks so that will be really nice and things!!  I hope that everyone will have a good week and that you will enjoy these last two weeks of school!!!  Pass my regards and Love to Curly and his family there thank you!!  Love you all!!!

Elder Welling

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