Elder Colton Mikal Welling, called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka, Africa Mission. Entered the MTC, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. We are so proud of you and we are so excited for the awesome adventures you are about to embark on. Love you!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Doing Great and Finishing Strong....

Hello Family
Things are going good here in Africa for sure and we are enjoying no problems!!!  I thought for sure that the baptisms and confirmations we just had were going to be the last, but we are working with 2 others that they will be baptized this week which is really awesome and I am excited for it for sure!!!  Me and Elder Ford are trying to get some others on the same path but from the looks of it they won’t be ready till after I am gone but we will continue with them till then!!!  The branch is good and doing well and all is getting better and bigger!!!  We are hoping to find a better building for the branch to meet in sometime this coming week but hopefully it will get there!!!  There is really not a whole lot to tell of this week it was a pretty straight forward week to be honest!!!
We didn’t really do anything today either but all is going well!!!  I didn’t get any pics on this week either but I will take some of the baptisms here and get them sent that side this upcoming Monday!!!  It should be good and ready then!!!!  Other than all of this it looks like the bball schedule is doing well wish I could be there to see all the games and things.  I like to watch those but it has been a while hahaha!!!  It will be good to see those again!!!  Hopefully I can still play it has been a while again so we will see!!!  Anyway I hope all will have a good week and a great Monday and I love you all!!!!!

Elder Welling

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